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xxEbay - 3,2,1... meins!
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xxMasterpiece Takara
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xxTakara Tomy - Transformers United - Generations - Legends - Unite Warriors
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IDW Comic Transformers More than Meets the Eye #41

TF-Comics Hier haben wir die Vorschau zum IDW Comic Transformers More than Meets the Eye #41.

Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #41
“Dear RODIMUS and crew… It’s my funeral tomorrow and I’d love it if you could all be there. Refreshments will be provided. Please R.S.V.P.—THUNDERCLASH”

1 1432308507 2 1432308507 3 1432308507 4 1432308507 5 1432308507 6 1432308507 7 1432308507 8 1432308507


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KFC Toys - Hifi CST-09 Rover

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party

Hier haben wir Prototyp Bilder zu de KFC Toys Hifi Kassette CST-09 Rover.

11057859 832394396846971 6076038696258654833 n 11102974 832394426846968 3069239725112480609 n 11143727 832394430180301 4402740177538064596 n 11227777 832394390180305 8126396859162050332 n 11329883 832394393513638 2825529572657803323 n 11351230 832394423513635 2258791191898830764 n

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Neue Bilder zu Takara Tomy MP-26 Road Rage


Hier haben wir neue Farbbilder zum Takara Tomy MP-26 Road Rage für euch.

10382639 811326525619752 5824237014171186975 n 10428595 811326632286408 852334796676414468 n 11295824 811326612286410 6144292696838906737 n

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Generations Combiner Wars Devastator

30th Transformers 2014

Jetzt zeigen wir euch ein neues Bild zum Generations Combiner Wars Devastator.

11046885 832353710184373 979657520916651946 n

11148637 832394076847003 4205579450299800234 n 11261702 832394070180337 8536773453917617401 n 11265402 832394080180336 309335771401210415 n

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Transformers Robots In Disguise Warrior Jazz

TF-Robots In Disguise Hier haben wir eine Review zum Transformers Robots In Disguise Warrior Jazz.


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Platinum Edition G1 Trypticon Reissue & Blaster mit Perceptor

TF-Generation 1 Jetzt können wir euch sagen, das es in der Platinum Edition Reihe eine G1 Trypticon Reissue und ein Autobot Intell Ops Set mit Blaster und Perceptor geben wird. Unser Sponsor TFsource hat sie schon als Preorder gelistet.
Um diese beiden Sets gibt es aber noch ein kleines Geheimnis, was den Deutschland Release betrifft. Zu gegebener Zeit werden wir euch aufklären.

reduced galery image 10552 16503 reduced galery image 10553 16504 reduced image 10552 106 reduced image 10553 106

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Transformers Legends Armada Megatron und Black Convoy

30th Transformers 2014 Hier haben wir die offiziellen Bilder von Transformers Legends Armada Megatron und Black Convoy.

Transformers Legends Armada Megatron 01 14322760 Transformers Legends Armada Megatron 02 14322760 Transformers Legends Black Convoy 01 1432276098 Transformers Legends Black Convoy 02 1432276098


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Neue Angebote von Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys

New arrivals in stock and ready to go ! „smile“-Emoticon

1) Badcube Wardog -…

2) DX9 Chigurh -

10387690 954833741203489 5803389482981065761 n 10444562 954834217870108 2648457967162139406 n 11059381 954834184536778 5481599590352421271 n 11260531 954834057870124 1755446874964276754 n 11265004 954833774536819 3218388571890624705 n 11265296 954834004536796 3423970244410411405 n 11267758 954833624536834 4101807559100247105 n 11269811 954834147870115 3039177048599460072 n

Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Superion Vs. Menasor

30th Transformers 2014 Hier haben wir einen Werbespot zu Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Superion Vs. Menasor.

Transformers Generations: Combiner Wars — Superion Vs. Menasor

Some things never get old—like Superion and Menasor going toe-to-toe.

Posted by TRANSFORMERS on Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2015

Quelle: Transformers

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Bold Forms BCS-01 Lonewolf Motormaster

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier ist die Review zum Bold Forms BCS-01 Lonewolf Motormaster.

Quelle: Benscollectables

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Transformers Legends Game Event


Ein neues Event startet im Transformers Legends Game. Es heißt Best Of Episode - Me, Grimlock, King!.

ME, GRIMLOCK, AM STRONGEST! ME, GRIMLOCK, SHOULD BE KING!“ Over the course of several battles, Megatron and Shockwave have managed to get the idea into Grimlock’s head that, as the strongest Autobot, he should be the leader. "You always say that you are the strongest. Now prove it!” For the most part, Grimlock ignores this as he proceeds to smash in Decepticon heads, but the ideas linger.

“NOT FIGHTING BORING. ME, GRIMLOCK, WANT FIGHT NOW!” Tired of the lulls in combat after the Autobots drive the Decepticons back to their hidden base, Grimlock finally decides that the best way to keep the fighting going is to take over the Autobots. He and the other Dinobots make their move while Optimus Prime and Wheeljack are out on a mission, quickly overwhelming their teammates and taking control of the Autobot base.

“ME, GRIMLOCK, KING!” Now the “king” of the Autobots, Grimlock has the Dinobots begin preparations to launch a full assault on the Decepticons. Optimus Prime and Wheeljack, just returned from their travels, try to intervene, but are brushed aside by the mighty Dinobots. Meanwhile, Megatron and Shockwave prepare for the inevitable attack, looking forward to the destruction it will bring to their Autobot foes.

“KING GRIMLOCK LIKE KICKING DECEPTICON BUTT!” Can Optimus Prime stop Grimlock before he goes too far? Will Megatron be able to goad their new “king” into destroying the other Autobots? Find out in TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS - ME, GRIMLOCK, KING!

Me Grimlock King Transformers Legends 1432229933

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Angry Birds Transformers Mobile Game

TF-Games Durch ein Update im Angry Birds Transformers Mobile Game kommen jetzt neue Charaktere.

Bird, do you even lift? The Deceptihogs and Autobirds are getting shredded at the gym in preparation for a new update, and there seems to be a new face in the crew. Is that Stella doing double duty as Arcee and Airachnid? Update now or get the game to see what they’re bulking up for! Spot me, bro.

/Interdimensional MISSION PORTALS – send bots on missions to earn rewards.
/ARCEE and AIRACHNID trapped in interdimensional vortex – win missions to bring them home.
/VALUABLE MATERIALS detected – collect to upgrade bots.
/Humble message of GRATITUDE FOR YOUR PATIENCE and continued support.

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Takara Transformers Adventure Figuren

TF-Robots In Disguise Hier sind die offiziellen Bilder zu den kommenden Takara Transformers Adventure Figuren. Zu sehen sind TED-09 Grimlock, TAV -18 Drift, TAV-19 Powerglide, TAV-20 Adams (Cosmos), TAV-VS03 Strongarm vs Phantom Jaw und TED-08 Steel Jaw. Diese Figuren kommen im Juni heraus.

TAV 18 Drift 1 1432224581 TAV 18 Drift 2 1432224581 TAV 19 Powerglide 1 1432224581 TAV 19 Powerglide 2 1432224581 TAV 20 Adams 1 1432224581 TAV 20 Adams 2 1432224581 TAV VS03 Strong Arm vs Phantom Job 1 1432224581 TAV VS03 Strong Arm vs Phantom Job 2 1432224581 TAV VS03 Strong Arm vs Phantom Job 3 1432224581 TED 08 Steel Jaw 1 1432224591 TED 08 Steel Jaw 2 1432224591 TED 09 Grimlock 1 1432224591 TED 09 Grimlock 2 1432224591


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Kommende Q-Transformers Figuren

Takara Tomy Hier haben wir die Bilder zu den kommenden Q-Transformers Figuren. Es sind QT-23 Optimus Prime, QT-24 Bumblebee und QT-25 Lockdown. Erscheinen sollen sie im Juli.

QT 23 Optimus Prime 1 1432223728 QT 23 Optimus Prime 2 1432223728 QT 24 Bumblebee 1 1432223728 QT 24 Bumblebee 2 1432223728 QT 25 Lockdown 1 1432223728 QT 25 Lockdown 2 1432223728


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Takara Tomy Unite Warriors Defensor

30th Transformers 2014

Jetzt können wir euch bessere Bilder zum Takara Tomy Unite Warriors Defensor zeigen. Hier nun auch der Groove in seinen beiden Modi.

10426130 832100530209691 3131241762197665605 n 10443379 832100536876357 3688292707701675174 n 11222281 832100560209688 7777929549536746815 n 11261818 832100533543024 3714686678522859832 n 11009353 967922936574903 896012756223569886 n 11148312 967923023241561 2710479257162759928 n

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