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Transformers: Age of Extinction Junkheap

TF-The Movie 4 In Zusammenarbeit mit der Firma Waste Management wird es ein neues Toy in der Transformers: Age of Extinction Reihe geben. Junkheap ist sein Name und es ist eine Art Müllwagen. Power Battler Junkheap bietet eine vernichtende Angriffsklaue, um die Autobots zu vernichten. Erscheinen soll er noch in diesem Herbst.

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Transformers Generations Legends Skrapnel mit Reflector

30th Transformers 2014 Hier haben wir die Review zum Transformers Generations Legends Skrapnel mit Reflector .


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Takara Transformers Lost Age Voyager G1 Grimlock und mehr

Takara Tomy In der Takara Lost Age Reihe werden auch Figuren als Redeco erscheinen. Darunter ist auch ein Voyager Grimlock im g! Look. Dazu gibt es die Generations Targetmasters Roller, Chop Shop, Waspinator und Blazemaster ebenfalls als Redeco. Roller in Schwarz, ein roter Blazemaster, Waspinator ist Gelb/Blau und Chop Shop kommt in einem Blau/Grau daher.

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Masterpiece MP 22 Ultra Magnus

TF-Masterpiece Hier haben wir die ersten Bilder zum Masterpiece MP 22 Ultra Magnus. 

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KFC KP-01OP und KP-01UM Takara Versionen

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Jetzt haben wir die Bilder zu den KFC Upgrade Sets KP-01OP und KP-01UM für die Takara Versionen.

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Transformers: Rise Of The Dark Spark - Charakter Bios

TF-Games Hier haben wir einige Charakter Bios aus dem Game Transformers: Rise Of The Dark Spark.

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CustomRobots Revoltech Sunstreaker & Wheeljack

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier haben wir Bilder zu den beiden CustomRobots Revoltech Figuren Sunstreaker und Wheeljack.

Sun Wheel 1398119045 Sunstreaker 01 1398119045 Sunstreaker 02 1398119045 Sunstreaker 03 1398119045 Sunstreaker 04 1398119045 Sunstreaker 05 1398119045 Sunstreaker 06 1398119045 Wheeljack 01 1398119045 Wheeljack 02 1398119045 Wheeljack 03 1398119045 Wheeljack 04 1398119126 Wheeljack 05 1398119126

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Samsung UHD TV Werbefilme

TF-The Movie 4 Vor einigen Tagen haben wir euch Videos von der Samsung UHD TV Werbeveranstaltung gezeigt. Heute haben wir bessere Videos für euch und man kann die Transformers 4 Age of Extinction Ausschnitte besser erkennen.

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Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Screenshots

TF-Games Hier haben wir zwei neue Screenshots zum Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Game.

028796 1398113780 028798 1398113780


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IDW Comic Reihe Transformers Robots In Disguise

TF-Comics Verschiedene Transformers Seiten haben jetzt von IDW ein Exklusiv Cover für die IDW Comic Reihe Transformers Robots In Disguise geschickt bekommen. Wir haben sie für euch gesammelt. Auf den Bildern könnt ihr sehen, von welcher Seite wir die Bilder haben.

1398112720 Galvatron 1398113381 10297781 10152330032183279 3530689144 large Prowl Discontented Transformers Robots In Disgui RID Teaser JAZZ TFW2005 1398113490

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Rescue Bots Rescan Serie 2 Optimus Prime & Bumblebee

TF-Rescue Bots Heute haben wir die Bilder zu den beiden Rescue Bots Figuren Optimus Prime & Bumblebee. Beide stammen aus den Rescue Bots Rescan Serie 2.

1398104136 1 1398104136 2


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Transformers Generations Legends Tailgate mit Groundbuster

30th Transformers 2014 Hier ist die Review zum Transformers Generations Legends Tailgate mit Groundbuster.


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Hasbro unterzieht Webseite einem Update

Hasbro Die offizielle Webseite von Hasbro wurde einem Update unterzogen. Nun kann man dort die neuen Transformers 4 Age Of Extinction Figuren genau unter die Lupe nehmen, aber man kann auch ein kleines Spiel spielen.

Transformers Toys Games Videos Action Figures

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IDW Pressemitteilung von der Wonder Con 2014

TF-Comics Hier haben wir nun die Pressemitteilung von IDW von der Wonder Con 2014.

IDW Announcements Roll Out
at Wonder Con 2014
Multiple New Projects Coming From Publisher

San Diego, CA (April 21, 2014) – At this year’s Wonder Con in Anaheim, IDW unleashed an impressive array of announcements, bolstering its lineup through the fall of 2014 and beyond. Brand-new titles, miniseries featuring fan-favorite characters, new Artist’s Editions, new television deals, and a first-of-its-kind exclusive creator deal rounded out the action-packed weekend.

IDW Entertainment, along with George Lopez and his Travieso Production Company, announced they are developing Wormwood as an animated television series based on the acclaimed IDW title created by Ben Templesmith. David M. Stern (Ugly Americans, The Simpsons) has been tapped to write the pilot episode and serve as an executive producer on the series. Circle of Confusion (Walking Dead) will also executive produce the show. IDW Entertainment will fund development of the series, which will soon be marketed to the networks.

At the Artist’s Edition panel, Special Projects Editor Scott Dunbier showed off some of the amazing art included in the Marvel Cover’s Artist’s Edition and announced that John Buscema’s Silver Surfer (in cooperation with Marvel Comics), and two more projects with Walter Simonson, Walter Simonson’s Manhunter & Other Stories (in cooperation with DC Entertainment), and Walter Simonson’s Lawnmower Man Artist’s Edition portfolio, collecting the entire Stephen King-penned story into a deluxe portfolio, will soon join the IDW Artist’s Edition catalog!

The acclaimed videogame franchise Borderlands is returning to IDW with a brand new miniseries “The Fall Of Fyrestone.” Written by the original game writer Mikey Neumann, the new series promises the dark humor and high-end action that fans love about the videogames.

IDW’s Star Trek comics continue to break new ground and delight fans with two stories that are Star Trek “firsts.” Star Trek #35 starts “The Q Gambit,” which crosses the paths of the omnipotent (and beloved) Q and the crew of the recent 2009 film franchise for the first time. In July, fans will get the chance to see all six Star Trek medical officers ban together for the first time as they fight a mysterious virus in the one-shot Star Trek Special: Flesh and Stone.

Traveling back to the ‘40s, the new miniseries The X-Files: Year Zero by writer Karl Kesel and artists Vic Malhotra and Greg Scott explores the mysterious origins of the department and the strange connections Mulder and Scully now find themselves up against.

A new five-part miniseries set in the world of Judge Dredd focusing on Judge Anderson will debut this August: Judge Dredd: Anderson, Psi-Division, by writer Matt Smith and artist Carl Critchlow, will continue to explore Dredd’s early years in this follow-up to Smith’s Judge Dredd: Year One series.

IDW returns to Konami’s horror masterpiece with Silent Hill Downpour: Anne’s Story. Written by Tom Waltz (Silent Hill: Sinner’s Reward, Silent Hill: Past Life and the Silent Hill Downpour video game), with artwork by Tristan Jones (Ghostbusters, Hoax Hunters). Waltz, further acclaimed for his writing on IDW’s ongoing TMNT revival, will also launch a sci-fi action-adventure epic with artist Casey Maloney, The Last Fall.

The partnership between IDW and 44FLOOD was announced at New York Comic-Con 2013, and this weekend it was made public that the second release from this collaboration is Ben Templesmith’s The Squidder, a new four-issue series coming this August.

Also on the creator-owned front, Angel: After the Fall fan-favorite writer Brian Lynch will launch Monster Motors in July. Announced at “The Greatest Panel in the Known Universe,” the action-comedy features art and cover by Transformers artist Nick Roche.

Transformers: Primacy is coming this August! Writers Chris Metzen and Flint Dille with artist Livio Ramondelli guide us through the war for Cybertron that will shake the world of the TRANSFORMERS to the core, in this, the final chapter of the Cybertron War trilogy.

And finally (for now), IDW’s partnership with Darby Pop Publishing grows with the upcoming July release of Doberman. From the minds of Rob Rosell and Scott Marder, known from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Unsupervised, with writer Jack Lambert and artist Brandon McKinney (Army of Two) the story of Frank Doberman comes to life and he wants a six-pack and vengeance!

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Botcon 2014 Exklusiv Ginrai

Botcon Heute können wir euch das 5. Mitglied aus dem Botcon 2014 Exklusiv Set zeigen. Es handelt sich dabei um Ginrai, ein Redeco vom Classics Optimus Prime in einem feurigem Rot mit Orange. Diese Figur ist eine Anlehnung an den Charakter "Fire Guts" aus der japanischen Transformers Serie Masterforce von 1988.

27433235d1398098580 botcon 2014 fire guts god gi 27433236d1398098577 botcon 2014 fire guts god gi


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