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Iron Factory - IF-EX21 Bridge Watcher (Shockwave)

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Das nächste Projekt von der 3rd Party Firma Iron Factory wird ein Shockwave sein. Zum IF-EX21 Bridge Watcher haben wir das erste Bild.


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Zeta - Z A-01 Take Off und Z A-02 Whirlblade

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Eine neue 3rd Party Firma ist auf dem Markt. Ihr Name ist Zeta.


Ihr erstes Projekt ist eine Übernahme von der 3rd Party Firma Toyworld. Wir haben euch berichtet, das Toyworld eigentlich Bruticus und Superion heraus bringen wollen. Jetzt kommen beide Combiner von Zeta. Die ersten beiden Combinerparts haben die Namen Z A-01 Take Off und Z A-02 Whirlblade. Hier sind die Bilder dazu.

18033483_263453640785812_3100218329456676553_n 18342424_263500680781108_1969466045509518748_n 18359073_263453617452481_2553640398263793233_o 18401975_263453614119148_2323746001782002509_o 18402194_263453650785811_8825313005699873609_o 18422094_263453610785815_3351605279195905796_o 18422481_263453654119144_7752415631821191336_o 18447531_263453680785808_6336979659376316672_n 18451445_263453704119139_8805340370714497614_o 18485259_263500677447775_4911800444055408217_n 18620804_269243340206842_7971033471707077860_o 18673016_269243320206844_6163428603914333896_o

Quelle: Zeta

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FansToys FT-20A & FT-20B Terminus Giganticus (Omega Supreme)

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Jetzt zeigen wir euch neue Bilder zu FansToys FT-20A & FT-20B Terminus Giganticus (Omega Supreme).

18582621_1356705997749139_2152018509837383347_n 18620087_1356706001082472_3166591103728566392_n 18620091_1356705947749144_5183761985385256585_n 18620112_1356705951082477_8481845150354380648_n 18670998_1356706051082467_5430735006092572658_n 18738504_1356706004415805_6034537373017989023_o 18739727_1356705944415811_5211199087782292698_n

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Fans Toys FT-24 Rouge (Masterpiece Arcee)

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Von der 3rd Party Firma Fans Toys kommt jetzt FT-24 Rouge. Diese Figur ist eine Masterpiece inspirierte Arcee. Hier haben wir die Prototyp Bilder dazu.

FT-Rouge-1 FT-Rouge-2 FT-Rouge-3 FT-Rouge-4 FT-Rouge-5

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Mastermind Creations R-22 Boreas

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier ist eine Review vom Mastermind Creations R-22 Boreas.

Quelle: emgo316

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Toyhax im Mai

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party
Hier sind die Toyhax Angebote für den Monat Mai:

Before you worry about your Mom, you might want to have a look at this impressive update from Toyhax!

We have an enormous set of labels and parts to complete your Chaos on Velocitron box set, including new artwork from Dusty for Laser Optimus Prime's trailer and weapons for Fastlane!

Justin G. has created a true masterpiece of a set for MP SG Optimus Prime:

We also have two vastly different sets for MP-36 Megatron, including a toy accurate take, and a massive alternate set to add cell shading to this great figure.

The sets for Megatron are also available together at a discount:

While we're on the subject of MP toys, here's our set for MP Grapple!

Sets for the third party takes on Hoist (Artifex and Lorry):

New TR sets, not the least of wich is Justin G.'s inspired Broadside labels:

And a conversion set to turn TR Breakaway into Siren/Go Shooter:

Our first set for the new line of toys from Fans Hobby, is for Megatooth:

We have subtle but effective new sets for Iron Factory's Soul Reaper, and KBB's MP10V:

And finally, the last set in our ambitious line of labels for Playmates Voltron figures is for the Black Lion:

artifexpromo Broadsidepromo deluxempm_promo deluxempm_promo2 FH_MT_MAP1 FH_MT_MAP2 FH_MT_MAP3 FH_MT_MAP4 FH_MT_MAP5 FH_MT_PROMO GRAPPLE_MAP1 GRAPPLE_MAP2 GRAPPLE_MAP3 GRAPPLE_MAP4 GRAPPLE_PROMO GRAPPLE_PROMO2 IF-Soul-Reaper-map-1 IF-Soul-Reaper-map-2 IF-Soul-Reaper-map-3 IF-Soul-Reaper-map-4 IF-Soul-Reaper-promo ko_optimusphoto-map1 ko_optimusphoto-map2 ko_optimusphoto-map3 kooptimus_webpromo lorry_map1 lorry_map2 lorry_map3 lorry_map4 Lorry_promo1 Lorry_promo2 MPM_DELUXE1 MPM_DELUXE2 MPM_MAP1 MPM_MAP2 MPM_MAP3 MPM_MAP4 MPM_MAP5 MPM_Promo1 MPM_Promo2 MPM_SYMBOL1 MPM_SYMBOL2 MPM_SYMBOL3 mpmc_promo mpmc_promobot MPMEGC_MAP1 MPMEGC_MAP2 MPMEGC_MAP3 MPMEGC_MAP4 MPMEGC_MAP5 MPMEGC_MAP6 OXArtifexmap1 OXArtifexmap2 OXArtifexmap3 OXArtifexmap4 PROMO_1 PROMO_2 PROMO_SKYSHADOW SG_MAP2 SG_MAP3 SG_MAP5 SG_MAP6 SG_MAP7 SG_MAP8 TRBroadsidemap1 TRBroadsidemap2 TRBroadsidemap3 TRBroadsidemap4 TR-Chaos-on-Velocitron-promo TR-Fastclash-map-1 TR-Fastclash-map-2 TR-Fastclash-map-3 TR-Fastclash-map-4 TR-Laser-Prime TR-Laser-Prime-map-1 TR-Laser-Prime-map-2 TR-Laser-Prime-map-3 TR-Laser-Prime-map-4 TR-Laser-Prime-map-5 TR-Laser-Prime-map-6 TR-Nautica-map-1 TR-Nautica-map-2 TR-Nautica-map-3 TR-Nautica-map-4 TR-Nautica-map-5 TR-Quickswitch-map-1 TR-Quickswitch-map-2 TR-Quickswitch-map-3 TR-Quickswitch-map-4 TR-Quickswitch-map-5 TR-Quickswitch-map-6 TR-Quickswitch-map-7 TR-Quickswitch-map-8 TR-Siren-photo-map-1 TR-Siren-photo-map-2 TR-Siren-photo-map-3 TR-Siren-photo-map-4 TR-Siren-photo-map-5 TR-Siren-photo-map-6 TR-Siren-promo TRSkyshadowmap1 TRSkyshadowmap2 TRSkyshadowmap3 TRSkyshadowmap4 TRSkyshadowmap5 TRSkyshadowmap6 VOLT2 Voltron-Black-Lion-map-1 Voltron-Black-Lion-map-2 Voltron-Black-Lion-map-3 Voltron-Black-Lion-map-4 Voltron-Black-Lion-map-5 Voltron-Black-Lion-map-6 Voltron-Combined-page-for-each-Lion-map

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Renderform - Titans Return Waffen Set – Teil 1

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Von der 3rd Party Firma Renderform kommt jetzt ein Waffenset für die Titans Return Figuren heraus. Sie sind durch G1 inspiriert wurden

RW_030_01 RW_030_02 RW_030_03 RW_030_04 RW_030_05 RW_031_01 RW_031_02 RW_031_03 RW_032_01 RW_032_02 RW_032_03 RW_032_04 RW_032L_01 RW_032L_02 RW_032L_03 RW_032L_04 RW_032L_05 RW_033_01 RW_033_02 RW_033_03 RW_033_04 RW_033_05 RW_034M_01 RW_034M_02 RW_034T_01 RW_034T_02 RW_034T_03 TRGuns


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DNA Design Susanoo ( Masterpiece Bludgeon)

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier ist eine Review vom DNA Design Susanoo ( Masterpiece Bludgeon).

Quelle: emgo316

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DX9 War In Pocket - X30, X31, X32 Conehead Seekers

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier ist eine Review zu den DX9 War In Pocket X30, X31 und X32 Conehead Seekers.

Quelle: peaugh

Einen Dank an Bulkhead, der das gefunden hat.

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Fans Toys kündigt FT-24 Rouge an

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Von der 3rd Party Firma Fans Toys kommt jetzt die nächste Masterpiece Style Figur heraus. Es ist FT-24 Rouge, die eine Hommage an Generation 1 Arcee ist.



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